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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Find out more about our staff by calling us or emailing us depending on which department you're wanting to get in touch with.

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911 Planning

Anita Pitt Program Manager 2030 Email Anita Pitt
Frances Crate GIS Coordinator 2031 Email Frances Crate
April Martin 911 Coordinator 2043 Email April Martin
Megan Simmons GIS Specialist 2029 Email Megan Simmons


Aging & Disability Resource Center

Stacey Urbanczyk AAA Program Manager 2022 Email Stacey Urbanczyk
Maria Molina ADRC Program Specialist 2091 Email Maria Molina



Michael Parks Executive Director 2001 Email Michael Parks
Roger Sheridan Deputy Director 2040 Email Roger Sheridan
Jan Morris Deputy Director 2000 Email Jan Morris
Peter Koester Senior Administrative Assistant 2002 Email Peter Koester
Barbara Smith Mailroom Technician 2004 Email Barbara Smith
Shauner McDonald Administrative Assistant 2800 Email Shauner McDonald
Carmen Bosquez Receptionist 2800 Email Carmen Bosquez
Barbara Boston AARP Foundation - SCSEP 2800 Email Barbara Boston
Maria Bernal WFC - Receptionist 2800 Email Maria Bernal


Area Agency on Aging

Stacey Urbanczyk Program Manager 2022 Email Stacey Urbanczyk
Renika Derry Aging Program Specialist/Office Coordinator 2023 Email Renika Derry
Sandra Rivers Caregiver Coordinator 2037 Email Sandra Rivers


Brazos Valley Affordable Housing Corp.

Paul Turney President 2230 Email Paul Turney
Ben Fortner HAP/BVAHC Manager 2231 Email Ben Fortner
Jay Meador Financial Fitness Manager 2233 Email Jay Meador
Bill Kickham Administrative Coordinator 2236 Email Bill Kickham
Richard Espinoza Maintenance Technician 2228 Email Richard Espinoza


County Indigent Healthcare

Lilly Moncivais Program Manager 2266 Email Lilly Moncivais
Stephanie Arevalo Health Service Technician II 2268 Email Stephanie Arevalo
Courtney Lunday Health Services Technician 2267 Email Courtney Lunday


Economic & Community Development

Haley Christofilis ECD Planner 2036 Email Haley Christofilis
Cayman Raemsch ECD Intern 2241 Email Cayman Raemsch



Stephen Bailey Director of Finance 2207 Email Stephen Bailey
Amy Duron Deputy Director of Finance 2215 Email Amy Duron
Iqbal Manzoor Finance Accounts Payable Supervisor 2201 Email Iqbal Manzoor
Rachel Defante Senior Accountant 2218 Email Rachel Defante
Jody Moe Senior Accountant 2217 Email Jody Moe
Jennifer Walker Senior Accountant 2216 Email Jennifer Walker
Andrew Juranek Senior Accountant 2204 Email Andrew Juranek
Zeb Heckmann Accountant 2208 Email Zeb Heckmann
Kay Wilson Accountant 2205 Email Kay Wilson
Michelle Eckert Accountant 2210 Email Michelle Eckert
Amanda LaFrance Accountant 2214 Email Amanda LaFrance
Terrika Cole Accountant 2219 Email Terrika Cole
Tammy LaPrade Accounting Technician 2209 Email Tammy LaPrade


Geographic Information Systems

Megan Simmons GIS Specialist 2029 Email Megan Simmons


Health Insurance Assistance and Education


HIV Administrative Services

Kristi Hanle Program Manager 2220 Email Kristi Hanle
Margaret Samarippas HIV Special Services 4021 Email Margaret Samarippas
Melissa Gadbois Program Administrator 2227 Email Melissa Gadbois
Mindy Miller Compliance Monitor 2223 Email Mindy Miller
Stephen Galvin Compliance Monitor 2221 Email Stephen Galvin
Sandra Hoelscher Compliance Monitor 2232 Email Sandra Hoelscher
Angela Rios HIV Data Manager 2226 Email Angela Rios
Sharon Zaldivar Alatorre HIV Planner 2238 Email Sharon Zaldivar Alatorre
Jonathan Garcia HIV Planner 2224 Email Jonathan Garcia


Housing Choice Voucher Program

Harold Womble Program Manager 2081 Email Harold Womble
Connie Paul Quality Control Supervisor 2072 Email Connie Paul
Belinda Nichols Housing Self-Sufficiency Specialist 2074 Email Belinda Nichols
Audrey Gonzales Housing Self-Sufficiency Specialist 2083 Email Audrey Gonzales
Lenora McDonald Housing Self-Sufficiency Specialist 2085 Email Lenora McDonald
Barbara Burns Housing Management Specialist 2088 Email Barbara Burns
Daniel Crawford FSS-GED Assistant Coordinator 2086 Email Daniel Crawford
Jacoby Benavidez Housing Inspector 2077 Email Jacoby Benavidez
Diego Puentes Housing Inspector 2070 Email Diego Puentes
Esther Medina Housing Case Manager 2154 Email Esther Medina
Zulema Garcia Housing Intake Specialist 2042 Email Zulema Garcia
Jordan Scamardo Housing Self-Sufficiency Coordinator 2073 Email Jordan Scamardo
Miosha Sanders Housing Management Specialist I 2076 Email Miosha Sanders
Yasmin Segue Housing Self-Sufficiency Coordinator 2089 Email Yasmin Segue


Human Resources

Dorothy Walker Director of Human Resources 2003 Email Dorothy Walker
Terri Klouda HR Administrator 8023 Email Terri Klouda
Charlotte Strong Human Resources & Executive Assistant 2009 Email Charlotte Strong


Information Technology

Bo Moncivais Program Manager 2270 Email Bo Moncivais
Blake Bertling System Support Specialist II 2278 Email Blake Bertling
Anthony Munoz Network Administrator 2271 Email Anthony Munoz
Jacob Good System Support Specialist I 2282 Email Jacob Good
Mark Van Nolan Network Administrator I 2273 Email Mark Van Nolan
Mark Tamble System Support Specialist 2272 Email Mark Tamble
Nathan Leos IT Systems Support 2275 Email Nathan Leos
Marco Ramirez IT Employee 8888 Email Marco Ramirez
Marselena Barrientos Administrative Assistant 2276 Email Marse Barrientos


Public Safety Planning

Cagan Baldree Program Manager 2028 Email Cagan Baldree
Addison Walker Homeland Security Planner 2060 Email Addison Walker
Thomas Gilbert Radio Systems Manager 2045 Email Thomas Gilbert
Rebecca Hill Bioterrorism Preparedness Planner 2041 Email Rebecca Hill
Rene Ramirez Citizen Corps Planner 2046 Email Rene Ramirez
Rayse Richardson Healthcare Preparedness Coordinator 2078 Email Rayse Richardson


Purchasing Solutions Alliance

Susan Lightfoot Program Manager 2035 Email Susan Lightfoot
Susan Molitor Purchasing Specialist 2038 Email Susan Molitor


Retired Senior Volunteer Program

"Curt" Allen Sterner Program Coordinator 2021 Email Curt Sterner


Solid Waste Management & Planning

Candilyn McLean Program Manager 2050 Email Candilyn McLean


Workforce Board

Vonda Morrison Program Manager 2138 Email Vonda Morrison
Sherry Saxby TWC-WFC Workforce Development Specialist IV 2124 Email Sherry Saxby
Trinicia Shaffer-Byrd Career Navigator 3622 Email Trinicia Shaffer-Byrd
Troy "TJ" Robie Veteran Representative 2134 Email Troy "TJ" Robie
Alexandrea "Shanae" Johnson Career Navigator 3661 Email Shanae Johnson
April Garcia WFC-CCMS-IES Staff 2109 Email April Garcia
Ariel O'Neil WFC-CCMS-Child Care Staff 2108 Email Ariel O'Neil
Brenda Burns WFC-Lead Career Navigator-Caldwell 3651 Email Brenda Burns
Christy Richardson WFC-CCMS-Eligibility Intake Specialist 2330 Email Christy Richardson
Collette Champagne WFC-Quality Policy Trainer 2174 Email Collette Champagne
Corinda Young WFC Business Services 2242 Email Corinda Young
Crachelle Jefferson WFC-CCMS-Child Care Support 2110 Email Crachelle Jefferson
Crystle Darnell WFC-CN-Choices 2142 Email Crystle Darnell
Heather Huhnke WFC Veterans Resource Specialist 2127 Email Heather Huhnke
Jamisha Hall WFC Career Navigator-Caldwell 3651 Email Jamisha Hall
Kim Bullard WFC Career Navigator 2320 Email Kim Bullard
Margaritta Virial WFC Development Specialist 3617 Email Margaritta Virial
Michelle Delgado WFC-CN-Madison 3621 Email Michelle Delgado
Michelle "Diane" Kimball WFC Development Specialist 2111 Email Diane Kimball
Miranda Meier WFC-CN-Brenham 3633 Email Miranda Meier
Monika Coulson WFC-Street Team 2327 Email Monika Coulson
Nathaniel Muir WFC-BSU Manager 2090 Email Nathaniel Muir
Nyosha Boone WFC-CCMS Team Lead 2139 Email Nyosha Boone
Rebecca Jackson WFC-Accounting Technician 2131 Email Rebecca Jackson
Jodi Cobler Program Specialist I 2380 Email Jodi Cobler
Barbara Clemmons Program Specialist 2061 Email Barbara Clemmons
Heather Colford WFB-Child Program Specialist 2024 Email Heather Colford
Rachael Robertson WFB-Choices-NCP Program Specialist 2015 Email Rachael Robertson
Karen Sanders Adult Education & Literacy Career Navigator 2039 Email Karen Sanders
Evangelina Benavides Adult Education & Literacy Program Specialist 2136 Email Evangelina Benavides

Brazos Valley Council of Governments



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