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Sunday, September 24, 2023

The main function of regional transportation at BVCOG is serving as the Regional Planning Organization for transportation in the region.

Regional Transportation Planning

The main function of regional transportation at BVCOG is serving as the Regional Planning Organization (RPO/BVRPO) for transportation in the region, connecting local government leaders with state and federal agencies providing transportation infrastructure and funding.

Planning transportation requires collaboration between all levels of government, and with the public. The RPO function, along with transportation grant funding opportunities, provides a link between communities, TxDOT, and other providers of transportation and transportation funding resources.

The transportation network of the Brazos Valley, the State of Texas, and the United States is directly correlated with economic development, public safety, and general vitality of communities and residents within the region.  Planning regionally allows resources to be efficiently allocated and promoted within the region as a collective unit. In order to achieve regional collaboration, BVCOG houses the RPO of the Brazos Valley (BVRPO) to foster this collaboration. The BVRPO meets regularly with a Technical Committee (quarterly) consisting of local government and agency officials and with a Transportation Workgroup (bi-monthly) consisting of health and human service providers. Together, vital transportation issues affecting the Brazos Valley region can be discussed and carried out to improve transportation connections region-wide.

View the BVRPO bylaws.

Transportation Plan

Coordinated regional transportation plans and supporting documents.  Learn more...

Transportation Groups

Meetings to discuss transportation challenges and opportunities for improvement within the Brazos Valley Region. Learn more...

Transportation Resources

Access transportation resources including a Bryan/College Station demographic study and information about programs, projects, and organizations. Learn more...

Transit Resources

Access relevant transit resources including the Regional Transportation Guide, Brazos Transit District links, and the fixed-route service map. Learn more...

BV Transportation Partnership

Coordinated senior transportation within the Brazos Valley region. Learn more...

Title VI

The Brazos Valley Council of Governments is fully compliant with Title VI requirements set by the Federal Transit Administration. The 2017 Update of the BVCOG Title VI Plan will be presented to the BVCOG Executive Board on April 12, 2017. Learn more...

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