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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Brazos Valley Council of Governments offers the Information, Referral and Assistance Program under the Area Agency on Aging around the seven included counties.

Information, Referral, & Assistance

The Information, Referral, & Assistance Program provides information to the inquirer about the enormous range of services available in BVAAA’s seven county service area. Information and referral services (I&R) respond to callers requesting information and assistance.

The nature of calls range from very simple calls such as a caller requesting a telephone number to more complex needs such as an elderly person needing assistance with utility or prescription expenses.

Information, Referral, & Assistance consists of activities such as assessing the needs of the inquirer, evaluating appropriate resources, assessing appropriate response modes, indicating organizations capable of meeting those needs, providing enough information about each organization to help inquirers make an informed choice, helping inquirers for whom services are unavailable by locating alternative resources, when necessary, actively participating in linking the inquirer to needed services, and following up on referrals to ensure the service was provided.

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